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Adding Pizzazz to Your Portfolio With a Timber Frame

Posted by Larry Johnson on Jun 29, 2017 10:35:23 AM

SLANT ROOF PROJECT NO. 1 FRONT PERSPECTIVE.jpgLike any creative professional, the Architect (that’s you) constantly strives for excellence.  You push yourself daily to create new designs that are unique to the personalities of each client that you serve.  Your creations are nothing short of works of art and you have the portfolio to reflect it.  That portfolio is an enchanting blend of the conventional and unconventional – steel and stick structures that function as perfect snapshots of who your clients truly are.

However, you may notice that as you thumb through your portfolgb1401241-145_enh.jpgio, you’ll find one thing missing.  Something a little more unique than a typical steel or stick structure: a structure featuring heavy timbers.  If this sounds just like you, then it’s about time to add one!

A timber frame structure is completely different from a log home.  Log homes are horizontally stacked logs and joined by notches, with the entire structure being made almost completely of wood inside and out.  A timber frame is more of an elaborate “skeleton” for your structure, featuring heavy timbers joined together by mortise and tenon and held tight by wooden pegs.  Heavy timber structures may also be designed using as few or as many natural timbers as you like.

As an Architect, your work is all about the creation of interesting spaces.  There is no space more interesting or appealing to the eye than a structure built with heavy hunt-club-timber-frame-5-thumb.jpgtimbers.  You’ll discover that timber frames blend the classic and contemporary, projecting the charm of a country home while intricate bents, trusses and roofing systems add a modern sense of style unparalleled by any other structure.  Whether it’s a home or an office space, a heavy timber structure in your portfolio is certain to wow any client who walks into your office.

In this day and age, clients are concerned more than ever about building energy efficient structures from sustainable materials.  This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of designing a structure which incorporates heavy timbers.  Timber is a sustainable material that will endure in even the most extreme of circumstances, meaning that not only will the building you design be aesthetically appealing, it will also be extremely durable and environmentally sound.  A timber frame structure is also an energy efficient structure when combined with structuralDSC_7776_enh.jpg insulated panels or other forms of insulation.  The open nature of a timber frame structure allows for better air flow, meaning that the building will heat and cool itself far more evenly.  No matter whether your project happens to be a modest home or a massive retail space, a heavy timber structure will help your client save big on their energy bills by using less. 

Are you ready to add a timber frame to your portfolio?  We’re here to help you do just that!  We offer many resources to Architects who are seeking to delve deeper into the world of timber framing, including our informative EBook, a weekly Podcast, and a Lunch and Learn presentation hosted by our Client Representative, Sam Sallee.  For more information or to schedule a Lunch and Learn for your office, give us a call or stop by our office located just off of I-40 in Crossville, Tennessee.  We’ll be looking for you!