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Making the Most of Wasted Space

Posted by Larry Johnson on Jun 12, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Our mission at HTF is to create a well-designed home without wasted spaces. Wasted space is a major dilemma that hits us all at one point or another. Everyone finds themselves wondering what to do with that extra room or two they’ve got sitting empty in their timber frame home.  Fortunately, we happen to be full of ideas regarding the use of space that’s dormant.  Read on to discover how to make all that extra space in your timber frame home work for you – you’ll be glad you did!

Under-the-Stairs-Office-20-Build-In-Ideas-to-Use-Space-Under-Stairs-DIYHowto.jpgTo kick things off, let’s talk a little bit about “wasted space” and how it comes to be.  A common misconception is that wasted space pertains only to a room or rooms in your timber frame home that aren’t being utilized to their utmost potential.  While a long-vacant room is the best example of wasted space, it isn’t the only one.  Consider that empty area beneath your stairs.  Wouldn’t it look so much better if that space were converted into a home office?  The same goes for hallways.  We try to limit long hallways – any hallway for that matter, as this is also wasted space. If you go through your home and look around, you may see some areas of wasted space with a lot of potential.  You just have to set it free.

We’ll start with the garage.  If you’re just using a garage to park your vehicles, you’rec96119f801564566_7055-w500-h400-b0-p0--contemporary-garage.jpg missing out on a world of possibilities.  For the crafties and the handymen among us, those unused parking bays in your garages can make for excellent studio and workshop areas.  Those looking for a little time to themselves may find that those parking bays become perfect little “man caves” or simple reading spaces.  Those into fitness will find lots of room to place exercise equipment for a small home gym (yoga fanatics especially). 

traditional-wood-accents-living-room-space-above-door.jpgOur next stop is the living room.  Here, you may have an empty corner or two that’s just begging to be repurposed in some way.  Families with little ones will see space that converts easily into a play space – just add a few toys and games and you’ll have a quaint little playroom that allows you to easily keep your eyes on wandering tots at all times.  Those without children can easily discover that those barren living room areas make great office nooks, reading areas, or even easily-accessible workout space (think adding an exercise bike, a treadmill, an elliptical, or all three if you have room).

Now we’ll tackle those extra rooms.  When you began planning your timber frame home many, many moons ago, you wanted to add these rooms in order to give yourself the freedom to plot whatever type of unique space came to mind.  Today, you’re still trying to think of what to do with them, and that’s okay!  It takes a little while sometimes to truly decide on how to utilize extra rooms in ways that will be functional within your home while casting an accurate reflection of you and the things you like to do.  Once you finally unlock their potential, your timber frame home will be all the better for it.

Perhaps one – or both – of these rooms function as extra bedrooms when companychoose-bedroom-murphy-beds-design-ideas-with-bookcase-murphy-bed-ideas-376x250.jpg comes in for an extended stay, but those extended stays are the only time these rooms see any use.  If you work from home for any reason, or if you just desire a little bit of solitude now and then, these rooms easily become functional home office or reading spaces.  A favorite of our clients is a home office that can convert to a bedroom with a Murphy Bed. If these rooms have served no real purpose up until this point, then there’s no better time than now to give them one!  From playrooms to craft rooms, there’s plenty that can be done to transform an empty room into a space that will be cherished and enjoyed by family and friends for years to come.

5117258813_4d3b542735_b.jpgWhen you help design your home and need a hallway, you can make it wider – add windows at the end and bookcases along one side for a lovely home library or art gallery or collectibles area.

Everything we’ve covered today is merely but a sample of what can be done to transform extra space in your timber frame home.  If you’d like to learn more, our design team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about repurposing wasted space in an existing timber frame home or adding value to extra space in a new timber frame home.  Give us a call or pay us a visit today.  We’ll be looking for you!